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Wearing Myself Out

Self Portrait, 18x22in. oil on primed cotton t-shirt

April 2020.

Modeled by the artist.

This piece was prompted by a change in location as institutions began to close due to Covid-19. The move required a change in medium and materials due to lack of studio access. Thus the recycling of the shirt felt apropriate. It is a self-portrait on a worn button up, and is still wearable, making it a live, performative piece when worn. 


Self Portrait, 18x22in. oil on primed cotton t-shirt

April 2020.


Archives from Home

Dimensions Vary. installation of 3x1ft filing cabinet, books, papers, copper etchings on handmade eucalyptus, fishing line, tape, pill bottles, spray paint, cloth


Click the image for more photos! 

This piece was done for the exhibition

EXTANT: Liminal Narratives, Lived Histories

The show featured 5-College students from the 5-College Advanced Studio Seminar, and works were installed in the Janotta Gallery at Smith College. The exhibition centered around the theme of "archives" and what kinds of recollections of history are kept. Artists made work about the homes and histories held in physical places, numbers, in routines, clothing, cultural aesthetics, and comics.



Collaborative one page zine with M. Carry on copy paper. 2.5x4in. November 2020

Click on the image for the full zine!

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