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two dimensional works

 two black trees rise from the bottom of a denim sheet of paper with white cotton clouds. The pen marks are visible hatches with tiny amounts of background showing.

Looking Up / I hope You Feel Awe

 pen on handmade cloud paper (bleached cotton on denim), 24x16.5in, March 2021

The same image is on the sheet as it is being held up by a person who is looking up with a mask on. The paper is held up to a clear blue sky and a tree can be seen behind the person’s head underneath the sheet of paper.
 A detail photo of the top half of the piece. In the top right corner is a line from the Mary Oliver poem. “Learning something by being nothing” is repeated four times as it disappears behind the still life houseplant done in sharpie with white highlights. The crinkles on the packing paper are visible. The leaves of the plant hang down into the forest in the middle/bottom half of the piece.
All or Nothing at Sunset

Gouache, sharpie, & gesso on packing paper, 51x14in, February 2021

"The dream of my life

Is to lie down by a slow river

And stare at the light in the trees-

To learn something by being nothing

A little while but the rich

Lens of attention"

-Mary Oliver

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